"Unknown Compression Method" Error! Easy Correct With Zip Repair Tool!

If you have a Zip file with extension name .zip on Windows Vista based machine and when you try to extract compressed file out of it using WinZip, then possibility are very high that you receive an error message “This file was compressed using an unknown compression method”. After receiving the error, next thought that will hit your mind is why it is so. The answer is, the similar situation arises in two conditions.

  • First: - the file that you are trying to extract is created by using WinZip 10.
  • Second: - the machine on which you are trying to extract the compressed file is installed with early version of WinZip.

However, Microsoft does not provide any support to user to solve this issue, but yes it recommends the use the user of third party tool. And so, understanding the needs of users, we have come up with the software name Zip Repair. This Zip Repair Tool is capable to handle multiple types of error messages pertaining to Zip file and do the complete recovery of data.

Therefore, if you working on Zip file and the message of this type “This file was compressed using an unknown compression method” is hampering your work then take the help of our advance Zip File Recovery tool.

Different Error Messages That This Software Can Handle - Zip File Recovery Tool

CRCerror occurs in Zip file when CRC value of repair Zip file does not match with the CRC value of Zip data before compression. This error is easily resolved by software. In addition to that Zip File Recovery Tool can also handle the problem arises in Zip file because of virus strikes, rapid system shutdown, inappropriate style, bad sector in hard drive etc. and most importantly “This file was compressed using an unknown compression method” error.

To know more about the Zip Repair Tool and its functions you can easy download its free version. With the version you would able to test software interface, technical algorithm as well as outcome.